Membership in NHAPSC supports quality, professional education for service coordinators. In addition it provides an instant network of support and expertise.

Memberships need to be renewed annually in January of each year.

To join NHAPSC, click here for the membership form (PDF).

Members receive recognition, discounts for education programs, a contact list of members, notices about upcoming meetings, a vote on association business and opportunities to connect with other professionals in support of the service coordination profession.
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Meet Our Members

Some of our members answer the question "Why did you
join NHAPSC?"

"NHAPSC provides training opportunities to help us advocate, coach and lead residents, and their families, to self-sufficiency. Service Coordinators, in turn, help the residents stay safe in their homes, living out their 'Life Goals.'"
Susan Harris, RSC, Stewart Property Management

"The training I receive at each NHAPSC meeting opens new resource avenues, keeps me informed of new organizations and programs offered in New Hampshire and adds to my RSC tool bag."
Charlene Hodsdon, RSC, POAH Communities

"Membership is crucial to advancing our profession and advocating for our residents. It helps us provide each other with encouragement, education and a sense of belonging to something "bigger" than the properties to which we devote our time, energy and passion."
Lorraine Jost, RSC, Parkhurst Place | NHAPSC, P.O. Box 4115, Manchester NH 03108-4115